Why Buy From Us?

OEM Auto Parts has years of experience in providing quality parts and friendly service. OEM Auto Parts has been in the business for quite a long time and have fulfilled the needs of various car owners with reliable and minimum cost Auto Parts. We have satisfied customers in all of America. We started small but we have grown our used auto parts business and operations to fulfill the ever increasing demands of used car parts market. Since we have expertise in this particular field, you can rely on our knowledge and commitment that we will provide you with the best quality used car parts.

At OEM Auto Parts good service doesn’t stop at after a sale. Methods are continually being refined and advanced to ensure that the customer will be totally satisfied. OEM Auto Parts management is on a continual mission of acquiring and maintaining the latest and most up-to-date personnel training to meet the ever-changing trends of cars and trucks of all makes, new and old.

OEM Auto Parts offers engine, and transmission replacement service for most makes of cars and trucks. Depending on availability, OEM can usually provide used or rebuilt engines and transmissions. All work (parts and labor) has a standard 30 day warranty.

We offer our vast inventory of used parts at the lowest prices anywhere, saving money on all of your parts needs. Whether you need a used engine or just a used window crank, we're here to help. Remember... when it comes to your vehicle, our goal is to put you back in the driver's seat. Putting you back on the road is only half the story. We know that keeping you there is just as important.

That's why we offer you the best warranties and customer service in the business. Our standard warranties are longer and more comprehensive than any competitor, and we make customer service after the sale just as important as getting the sale in the first place - if not more important!

All parts are carefully inspected throughout the order-fulfillment process. The first quality inspection occurs before a part can even be added to our inventories. Our employees are educated in the latest quality and safety regulations by receiving regular training in those areas. Employees in direct contact with customers provide valuable feedback for quality improvements.

If you have any concerns about the quality of our product please contact us for more information.

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Why choose us?
  • Easily Find Quality Used Parts
  • Great Service Backed By A Great Team
  • Parts Stored Inside Our Facility
  • Save Money Buying Used Parts
  • Top Highest Green Quality Operations
  • Serving all over 15+ Years
  • Great Standard & Extended Warranty


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